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Best Branding Practices for Your Small Business

Offer Valid: 04/20/2022 - 05/31/2024

Branding gives your small business meaning for people by defining an image and value proposition for your company and the products and services you're offering the market. Best branding practices can influence customer behavior and experience and can shape marketing strategies that lead to unique positioning and income sources. This article outlines some useful DIY and professional branding projects and highlights ways to define and reach your target audience. 

Branding Your Company

Many aspects of your company influence the emotions that people associate with your brand. Careful attention to product definition, packaging, marketing materials, and employee-customer interactions is required to ensure your brand is effective in differentiating your company from competitors. A brand positioning statement helps communicate your brand identity and should be reflected in your company name, visuals, and product or service presentation to customers. Align your company workspace experience, partnerships, and customer service to convey and reinforce the perceived image you want your brand to promote. Market research is a crucial component of effective small business branding efforts and often involves customer surveys and brand awareness analysis.

Use Branding To Reach Your Target Audience

You must define your target audience before crafting brand marketing messaging and materials. A core audience may be a well-defined subset of the larger population, who may already be interested in, or aware of, your company. Alternatively, you may be introducing your company to a target audience for the first time, or you may be using brand marketing to help define a target audience from the larger population.

In all cases, your brand is a promise to your customers. Brand marketing should contain a unique message focussed on your value proposition. The audience perceives your brand on several levels, and your messaging should be designed to influence and stimulate emotional responses. Brand marketing techniques often include appropriate use of visuals, color, and music in effective point-of-contact marketing and other types of communications.

DIY and Professional Branding Projects

Branding can range from DIY activities, such as coordinating employee social media visuals, to professional design and marketing campaign efforts focussed on brand consistency and identity. Professional branding services can include the development of branding guidelines, which help clarify brand tone and personality. Professional developers can work with you to create or select stand-out artwork, logos, typography, and other visual elements.

Communicating with web or graphic designers often involves an exchange of images by email. Rather than using separate emails for each image and compressing the JPG files, which can degrade quality, you may want to convert JPG to PDF. This enables high-quality PDF images to be shared in a single file without loss of quality. You can also combine several JPG files in a single PDF for quicker, more efficient transmission of multiple images.

Branding Information Resources

Use branding to identify and reach target audiences and to differentiate your company, product, or service from the competition.

Join your local chamber of commerce, a great source of information and networking for best branding practices and other business activities.


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