The rate census was sent out last week and as of Friday, July 22... 519 businesses, representing 8,524 employees have completed the rate census. WOW! Even if only half of those that have completed the rate census accept the insurance, Chamber Blue is looking to be a very large group creating rate stability year after year.

Chamber Blue of Kansas


  • Completing the rate census allows your business to be eligible to enroll in Chamber Blue of Kansas effective January 1, 2023.

  • Once the rate census is completed, you will receive the proposed rates in September 2022.
  • If your business is currently enrolled with BCBSKS, you will simply include your business information and group number. 
  • If your business is not currently enrolled with BCBSKS, please complete the census, which will include the name, date of birth, gender, and zip code of each employee, spouse, and dependents covered under your current plan or those you believe will want coverage under this plan.
  • The deadline to complete the rate census is August 18, 2022.
  • The rate census is to be completed one time per business by the person responsible for the decisions of the health benefits for your company. It is not to be passed to the employees to complete. 
  • Completing the rate census does not obligate your business to enroll in Chamber Blue.
  • Please feel free to forward this to any business in need of health insurance. Businesses do not need to be a current Derby Chamber member to receive rates.


  • All businesses who complete the rate census will be guaranteed acceptance into Chamber Blue regardless of previous health histories, and since premiums are composite rated, employees of all ages across the state will pay the same premium for the same plan type.
  • In order to maintain the integrity of the plan, any business who does not take the rate census at this time or decides to participate in the future will be required to submit health histories and may be denied acceptance.
  • Those that complete the rate census and join Chamber Blue in year one will never have to submit health histories.
  • Participating businesses have to have 70% of eligible employees participate in the plan.
  • For example, if a business has 20 full-time employees, and 10 of them have health insurance through their spouse, parents, or another source such as Tricare, those employees are not counted towards your ?final? number. That leaves you with 10 eligible employees. Of those 10 employees, 7 of them would need to take the insurance.  
  • Once you join Chamber Blue, you can drop and add employees as your employee needs fluctuate.
  • A small business of one who is legally set up as a C-Corp, S-Corp, or LLC can participate.

If you would like more information before completing the rate census, please check out the Employer Guide, Benefit Brochure, Informational Webinar or the Chamber Blue of Kansas website. If you have additional questions, please contact Mark Staats at (316) 788-3421 or